Monday, April 24, 2006

Pizza - Chicken and Cranberry

At the flat at Kiwitea Street we are doing our usual Monday night gathering - food and a night of TV. Chef Phil is making us Chicken and Cranberry Pizza fresh from the kitchen of K12, while Maria is making us dessert (not sure what it is yet) The Wong's have come over with the pre dinner nibbles and I got the easy task of drinks(?!). Tomorrow is Anzac Day and we have the day off work. It will be too wet and rainy to go to the dawn service so I think we will watch Anzac specials at home in between DVD's and more food.

  • buy thick or thin plain pizza bases (or make your own)
  • spread on a thin layer of plain Hummus
  • slice some smoked chicken and spread around leaving gaps in between the pieces
  • dollop some cranberry jelly or preserve around (we use the kind that has whole cranberries in it)
  • slice up some brie and spread around
  • sprinkle fresh rosemary and rock salt on the top

1 comment:

Valda Kerekes said...

I think I will try this one - it sounds easy and tasty.