Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hot Cross buns - again

Brenda what a great idea! And may I be the first to say "let the great Apple Muesli debate" begin! I am sure there will be far more variations on that recipe as we have all stayed pretty true to the hot cross buns. I think we have all called home when we have moved away and asked Mum for the recipe so we can cook REAL hot cross buns for our flatmates and friends...

Well it's Easter Eve, and I haven't yet made it to the supermarket for the all important ingredients. I have just had a dig through the box of recipes I have written on scrap pieces of paper, and almost panicked when I couldn't find it at first. But I would have been fine as the recipe is right here. Mine's pretty much word for word, so I will write a handy hint instead.

*handy hint: I've never owned a piping gun or bag, so to draw the crosses I use the flat edge of a butter knife to dribble or dab the flour mix, holding the knife closely to the buns.

**Brenda's handy hint: Another approach to piping the crosses is to use a ziplock bag and cut a small hole across a corner. I didn't do this so I ended up with hot splotch buns!

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