Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Southern Pie

Take one medium-small landmass,
Sprinkle with icing sugar,

Here's one I prepared last week:

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Delia said...

Outside the sky was almost brown
The clouds were hanging low
Then all of a sudden it happened!
The air was full of snow

The children rushed to the window
The teacher let them go
Though she teased them for their foolishness
After all, it was only snow

It was only snow that was falling
Only out of the sky
Only onto the turning earth
Before the blink of an eye

What else could it do from up there
But fall in the usual way?
It was only weather, really!
What else could you say?

The teacher sat at her desk
Putting ticks in a little row
While the children stared through the steamy glass
At the only snow.