Thursday, April 20, 2006


I came back to Dunedin after several days at home, and my flatmate (Tam) described to me the most amazing carrot cake she made. It was a slab. perfect and moist and wow. Then she decided to ice it with real cream cheese icing. No icing sugar. Oh well, she said, I'll just use castor sugar, and proceeded to look for the finest white stuff in the pantry. 1 cup of salt and a pottle of cream cheese later...spread evenly over the top... And then came the fun bit of licking the bowl afterwards... oops.
She almost cried when she told me. I claim partial responsibility- I tidied the pantry a wee wile ago and eveything thing shuffled a bit. I think I'm going to leave the muddle as it is from now on, at least then we'll know where to find stuff.. and Tam's going to return to the taste as you go method of cooking, which will mean that when we make chocolate chip cookies, we're going to have to start off with a double batch.


Brenda said...

Amy and Paul will tell you that I had a similar encounter with the salt jar when I was making cheesecake for our Christmas feast in 2004. From now on, the taste test rule always applies.

Amy said...

ke he he

I'm all for the taste testing method!